Mobile Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Majority of people knows what is mobile massage. Mobile massage, also referred to as outcall or traveling massage therapy, can be separated into two different categories: corporate or residential. Sage Creek Massage Therapy provides residential mobile massage therapy for Sage Creek Community people. Mobile massage takes the traditional massage to the next level by utilizing portable equipment that brings the luxury of a massage directly to people homes. There are great benefits to get a massage at your own place. No traveling required! Enjoy the pleasure of staying in your own comfortable surroundings and holding onto the benefits of your massage longer without any outside interruptions.
Getting regular massage treatments should be part of your normal health program. It should be viewed just like diet and exercise. This is something that you should do on a daily basis. It is important not to wait until you need a massage, but rather get one before the need arises.

Who benefits from Mobile Therapeutic Massage Therapy

You are a stay at home parent. You’re a busy person with hectic schedule who can’t find time to visit clinic. You’re a person with particular accessibility needs. You’re recovering from any surgery, injury or motor vehicle collision. You don’t like adjusting to new massage clinic. Why should you choose MOBILE MASSAGE BOOKING AT Sage Creek Massage Therapy? Because we’re the best! Invest in yourself. 
Invest in your health with us. (Mobile Massage is strictly ethical and professional. Full draping is a MUST and not an option!)

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Couples Massage Therapy

What is a couples massage?

It’s a massage experience for two that has real benefits, for physical, mental, and relationship health. Ultimately, a couples massage is a shared experience – a massage for two people, at the same time, in the same private room, but on two separate massage tables and performed by two massage therapists. The massage therapists will start at the same time and coordinate the treatment for the couple. A couples massage can be a great way to enhance the mental and physical benefits of the massage experience.

Couples massage recommended?

Getting a couples massage is an increasingly recommended way to celebrating a special occasion, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because a weekend with a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother , friend or any other loved ones who can let all their stresses slip away and can relax together in a safe and calm environmen.

So why choose a couples massage?

When you get a great massage, your body releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” that creates a sense of affection and love. When you get a couples massage, that means love is literally in the air (and the bloodstream). Increased affection is one of the biggest benefits of a couples massage.
Call us today to book your couples massage. Invest in yourself.Invest in your health with us!

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Natural Facelift Massage

Natural Facelift Massage? The face massage is completely natural and safe, no machines or products are used. This type of massage involves multiple modalities including myofascial release, acupressure and lymphatic drainage using circular, sweeping and lifting motions to relax fascial muscles. The techniques is a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger and feeling rejuvenated.

Benefits of the Natural Facelift Massage

Improves skin tone and circulation, Improves skin’s elasticity, helps to lift and tighten face muscles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, puffiness and under-eye bags, relax the fascial muscles. Invest in yourself.Invest in your health with us!

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Pregnancy Massage

What is pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage is performed both during and after the pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy has gained a lot in popularity in recent years. According to some studies, introducing massage therapy during the pregnancy will reduce stress hormones in your body and loosen your muscles and increase blood flow to keep your lymphatic system working at peak efficiency, which can reduce swelling and flushing out toxins from your body.
One of the most common practices is Swedish massage which is also known as relaxation massage (link). It treats common physical & emotional discomforts caused by hormone changes. Some of the studies show, that balancing of hormones might lead to health benefits of newborn and fewer complications during the labor.
The pregnancy massage is usually performed in side-lying position to avoid applying pressure to the abdomen or creating discomfort. The movements are gentle with light pressure. The utmost attention is paid to the neck, arms, shoulders and feet that usually have a lot of tension.

Cautions and contraindications for pregnancy massage

There are scarce medical researches on pregnancy massage,.However, some therapists recommend against any massage treatments during the 1st trimester. Many doctors will advise avoiding massage therapies if you experience morning sickness, cramping or abdominal pain, have high-risk pregnancy like preterm labor, have blood clots due to abnormal blood circulation.
Please consult your doctor before booking your pregnancy massage appointment.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

The are a number of health benefits obstetric massage can bring. Studies indicated that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce stress levels and anxiety, improving the quality of sleep, relief from muscle cramps, spasms and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs. The most frequently known benefits are improving the circulation, the patients noted the reduction of swelling in joints caused by increased pressure in blood and heavy uterus.

If you are looking for pregnancy massage at Sage Creek Massage Therapy Winnipeg, you can book an appointment online. We will be happy to treat you!

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Child & Infant Massage Therapy

Many factors have an impact on children’s life. Relations with the family members, with peers in the kindergarten, school or playing in the playground etc. It’s important to create a maximum favorable environment for a child, yet there are always eventual quarrels and hardships that may cause a stress reaction.
Children don’t know how to cope with stress at young age, that’s why it’s important to help them physically and emotionally to go through personal challenges. Child massage is one of the ways that can have an impact on a physical state of a child as well as emotional connection with a therapist during the session.

What is child massage?

Child massage also known as Pediatric massage is a therapy to work out the soft tissue. It can be also combined with health exercises and essential oils and eventually increase their effect. It will help to improve the coordination of a child, prevent many immunity diseases and make a positive impact on overall health. Massage therapy has a positive impact on children of any age – babies, infants, preschoolers or teenagers. Massage therapy is recommended for 1.5 month old and older children. If a child has a good health, massage will help to maintain its balance.

When is child massage recommended?

Different research found that massage helps children suffering from asthma or arthritic problems. Since therapy has a relaxation goal, there are several reasons when massage is recommended for children:

  • Growing pains and muscular tension
  • Cramps
  • Circulatory and digestive systems problems
  • Coordination and concentration problems
  • Hyperactivity disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Constipation and elimination
  • Bulimia and much more
  • Child Massage contraindications:

    As any other type of therapy, child massage has certain contraindications.
    It is not recommended for patients with fever, skin infections, recent surgeries, fractures, burns or injuries and weak heart. We recommend our clients consulting a general therapist about the current health state of the child and individual contraindications.

    How can a massage benefit your child?

    Children benefit from massage therapy in the same way adults do for medical conditions, injuries and overall health. It has also been proven that children receiving massage and experiencing nurturing touch have lower stress levels, increase their chance for better concentration at school and better sleep at home.The main purpose of this therapy is relaxation and relief of digestive issues or pain if any. There is also evidence that massage may improve weight gain in pre-term and low-weight babies. The practical value of infant massage is most apparent when dealing with colic, constipation, weaning, teething, sleep difficulties and difficulty breastfeeding. After the therapy, you may notice the following benefits:

    • Relief of gas, colic or constipation
    • Decrease of cramps
    • Muscular relaxation and increased flexibility
    • Calmness and improved sleep
    • A balanced behavior and reduction of stress
    • Improved coordination and concentration

    We believe that nurturing touch is vital for infants and children of all ages.

    If you are looking for a massage therapy for your child, you can book an appointment online at Sage Creek Massage Therapy Winnipeg. We will be happy to treat your family!

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    What is reflexology and how does it work?

    Reflexology is an alternative method of relieving pain by using the pressure points on the feet and hands. It is also known as a zone therapy and it focuses on the reflex areas. Reflexology practices have numerous mentions in the history of China and Egypt. Since the ancient times, there has been a belief that the reflex areas are responsible for certain organs and systems in the human body. Pressing these areas can have a positive effect on health.

    Reflexology does not diagnose or cure the health issues and it doesn’t replace the traditional medications. Many clinics around the world use this therapy as a complementary treatment that has an added value to the traditional medicine. Reflexology is also not a form of a usual massage as it focuses only on the hands and feet.

    Indications of reflexology

    Reflex therapy helps to improve the overall health of the body due to the targeted application of the pressure on different reflex points. This therapy is recommended if you have:

    • Anxiety and depression
    • Headaches and insomnia
    • Chronic pain
    • Hormonal imbalances
    • Digestive problems
    • Gastrointestinal disorders
    • Low energy levels, and more.

    Contraindications for reflexology

    Though there are no known negative or side effects of this therapy, the reflexology has absolute contraindications for patients with skin disease or bruises in the intended treatment areas, fresh operations, fever, severe diseases, injuries and burns, blood clotting issues, seizures. We always recommend consulting the health therapist about your current state and possible personal contraindications.

    Reflexology benefits

    As reflexology healing is based on stimulating the nerves, it can help you to:

    • Relieve anxiety and stress
    • Improve your sleep and headaches
    • Balance the neurological disorders
    • Prevent illness and more.

    The clients have also told that they felt a lightness in their feet after the session.

    If you are looking for Reflexology in Sage Creek Winnipeg, book an appointment online.We would be happy to treat you!

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    Hot Stone Massage

    What is a hot stone massage?

    Hot stone massage is a natural therapy that uses heated smooth stones to relax tensed muscles. The stones have been used for therapeutic treatment by many cultures for thousands of years. Due to the properties of basalt, a black volcanic rock, the stones have an ability to absorb and retain heat for a longer period of time.

    Before the client arrives, the stones are sanitized and heated to 120 degrees. The session starts face down with a traditional warming massage, then adding the heated stones of different shapes and sizes. They will be placed on specific parts of the body to improve the overall flow of the energy.

    The hot stones have a proven calming effect and help in muscle relaxation. To maximize the benefits of the therapy, the stones are also used to massage the body and they can be combined with the aromatherapy.

    When is the hot stone massage recommended?

    This type of massage is recommended for people who have muscle tension. The heat of the stones helps to relax the muscles and work them using the lighter pressure. The hot stone therapy serves the same purpose as a classic massage and helps to relief:

    • Anxiety and depression
    • Headaches and insomnia
    • Chronic fatigue and stress

    Cautions and contraindications for hot stone massage

    Hot stone therapy has the same contraindications as the remedial massage treatment. This type of massage is not appropriate for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, tumors, sunburns, open wounds, etc. We recommend discussing health conditions with your therapist.

    How can a hot stone massage benefit you?

    Many people report a significant improvement from the very first session of the hot stone massage. This therapy has both physical and mental benefits. Some of them are:

    • Pain and tension relief
    • Muscle relaxation
    • Improved circulation
    • Reduced stress
    • Easier movement
    • Improvement of digestive disorders

    If you are looking for a Hot Stone Massage in Sage Creek Winnipeg, book an appointment online.We would be happy to treat you!

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    Myofascial Cupping Treatment

    What is a myofascial cupping therapy?

    Myofascial cupping is a treatment that helps to lift and stimulate the soft tissue due to the suction effect of the cup. The mentions of the cupping therapy have been found in Chinese, Egyptian and Hindu scriptures, however, the techniques have evolved since then.

    The myofascial treatment uses vacuum suction and plastic cups instead of glass. The vacuum “draws” the soft tissue in the cup providing a lift and separating it. Depending on the area of the treatment and sensitivity of the skin, this therapy can leave a little discomfort. To decrease it, we apply lotion or oil on the area of the treatment. The therapist can leave the cups on the skin for a longer period of time or move them during the treatment. Depending on the chosen method, the cups can leave the marks on the skin that might last a few hours to a few days.

    When is a myofascial cupping therapy recommended?

    Myofascial cupping has a goal to stimulate and nourish soft tissue. Due to its unique properties, this type of therapy is recommended if you have:

    • Muscle aches and discomfort
    • Chronic pain
    • Iliotibial band syndrome
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Tennis elbow
    • Abdominal cramps
    • Chronic cough
    • Asthma
    • Low back pain
    • Migraines and headaches, and more.

    Myofascial cupping therapy contraindications

    Myofascial cupping is not recommended for patients with any internal or external bleeding, sensitive or fragile skin, recent surgeries, blood thinning medications, varicose veins. Pregnant women should also avoid this type of therapy. We recommend all our patients to consult a general therapist about their health state and personal contraindications.

    Myofascial cupping therapy benefits

    Myofascial cupping therapy is beneficial for both muscles and overall well-being. It helps to:

    • Repair tissue and increase the circulation and collagen production
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Relieve muscle spasm
    • Reduce stress
    • Stimulate blood flow
    • Detoxify the lymphatic system
    • Rejuvenate skin

    If you are looking for a Myofascial Cupping therapy in Sage Creek Winnipeg,book an appointment online.We would be happy to help you!

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    Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage

    What is Therapeutic Swedish relaxation massage?

    Therapeutic Swedish massage is the most famous relaxation massage. Relaxation massage is intended to relax the client from daily stresses of life. Considering that around three quarters of Canadians are experiencing an uncomfortable level of stress, relaxation massage can be the perfect refuge from these stress factors.
    This massage focuses on relieving the muscle tension, improving blood circulation and better digestion. This is intended to bring a soothing feeling achieved by long smooth rhythmic gliding strokes on the superficial layer of your body rather than on deeper layers of the tissues. The soothing feeling is further accentuated by creating a relaxing environment using calm music, warm towels, and essential oils. Swedish relaxation massage does not intend to relieve you from chronic pain or underlying issues, which are effectively cured by other services.

    When relaxation massage is recommended?

    If you would like to give yourself a detoxification from daily stresses, relaxation massage is for you. It helps your body to rejuvenate by getting more oxygen to organs and skin. Relaxation massage helps you better digest food, improve the quality of sleep, sooth minor aches and sprains you may be having.

    Cautions and contraindications for relaxation massage

    Consult your therapist in advance if you have any skin allergies, have undergone any operations and experienced recent injuries. Inform your therapist if you are pregnant. A good case practice is to consult your general therapist about overall health state and if you have any individual contraindications.

    How can relaxation massage benefit you?

    Relaxation massage has a goal to provide relief to your body and mind from daily stress and rejuvenate them. This treatment has a proven results in:
    stress relief

    • Better digestion
    • Improved sleep
    • Sooth minor aches
    • Improving posture
    • Increasing mobility
    • Decreasing muscle tension

    If you are looking for relaxation massage in Sage Creek Winnipeg, book an appointment online!

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    Sports Massage

    What is a sports massage?

    During the intense training or exercising the muscles can get tensed and cause the body stiffness. Sports massage is a therapy for soft tissue injuries and injury prevention. It helps both professional athletes and someone who enjoys sports as a part of a lifestyle to enhance the performance and body recovery. Since each type of sport uses different muscles, a sports massage specialist will be able to select an individual treatment for each patient and focus on specific areas of the body that were stressed during repetitive physical activity. Sports massage is used to improve the functional condition of the athlete, his athletic form, to relieve fatigue, improve physical performance, prevent injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The main purpose of a sports massage is to speed up the recovery of the affected areas of the body. We recommend avoiding heavy physical activities during the day after the session.

    When is the sports massage recommended?

    Sports massage can be recommended as a pre-event therapy before a sports competition and it is used to prepare the athlete for the highest sporting achievements in a short time and with the least expenditure of psychophysical energy. This massage has a main goal to prepare an athlete for competition or a training session. It helps to increase the general tone of the body and maximize the motor skills. Pre-event massage is performed within 5-20 minutes before the match or training. The goal of the pre-event massage: to improve the condition of the athlete’s nervously muscular apparatus and especially those muscles to which a large load falls; to improve athletic performance; to promote rapid entry into the sports form; to increase the blood flow and warm up the muscles.

    Sports massage can be recommended as a post-event therapy applied after any kind of load (physical and mental) and at any degree of fatigue for the maximum rapid recovery of various functions of the body and increase its efficiency. This massage is recommended if you need to restore the motor performance and relieve the fatigue after the sports activity. The duration of the session is on average 40-60 minutes. The goal of the post-event massage: to restore motor performance; to relieve the feeling of fatigue and facilitate the recovery of the body; to prepare the body for the forthcoming physical load. The duration of the session, as well as the depth and intensity of the massage are individual for each athlete.

    The sports massage is recommended in the following cases:

    • Overworked muscles
    • Fatigue
    • Injury treatment
    • Swelling around the joints
    • Sprains and Strains
    • Dislocation and Subluxation
    • Fractures
    • Joint pain and body stiffness
    • Athletic performance and more.

    Cautions and contraindications for the sports massage

    Sports massage has the same contraindications as the remedial massage treatment. Avoid sports massage if you have fever, recent fractures, acute soft tissue inflammation, recent surgery, skin diseases, open wound or sore. We always recommend our patients to consult the therapist about the health conditions before choosing the treatment.

    How can sports massage benefit you?

    Regular sports massage is often used to prevent injuries if you do intensive physical training. Sports massage therapy helps to:

    • Relieve muscle tension
    • Reduce the inflammation of joints and the risk of injuries
    • Develop muscle flexibility
    • Improve flexibility in joints
    • Enhance the recovery
    • Strengthen the immune system
    • Ease stiffness
    • Increase the performance
    • Promote better motion and produce beneficial endorphins.

    If you are looking for a Sports Massage Therapy in Sage Creek Winnipeg, book an appointment online.We would be happy to treat you!

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    Clinical Massage Therapy

    What is a Clinical massage therapy?

    Clinical massage is an assessment and treatment of a specific dysfunction and
    using two or three modalities rather than just one. This massage differs from others due to the process. Initially, the therapist performs various tests to assess what causes your pain, which muscles are not functioning correctly and other check-ups that will help to tailor a treatment plan that will suit you. Depending on your current state, this massage might combine different modalities using stretching techniques, joint mobilisations,MET,IASTM, kinesio taping techniques, cupping, heat/ice contrasts and other modalities along with light or deep tissue elements to resolve the problem. The clinical treatment requires a constant participation from the client in different stages of the process. It is important to constantly communicate to the therapist about your state, share the feedback about the treatment to modify it accordingly. Often this type of massage does not include the full body massage and it’s very specific therapy to resolve a problem.

    When is the Clinical massage recommended?

    We recommend the Clinical massage if you face a specific issue or dysfunction. This type of massage has a goal to identify and resolve a problem. The Clinical massage is recommended in the following cases:

    • Migraine and Headaches
    • TMJ dysfunction and Tight jaw muscles
    • Neck, shoulder, Arm, chest pain
    • Lower back pain and Hip,Knee,Ankle pain
    • Plantar Fasciitis and Foot pain
    • Runner’s knee and Jumper’s knee
    • Tendinitis and muscle tension
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Post-surgery situations
    • kyphosis and Scoliosis
    • Whiplash and Stroke
    • Herniated Disk
    • Cervical Radiculopathy
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Digestive problems
    • Respiratory condition
    • Asthma and Emphysema
    • Arthritis
    • Numbness
    • Sciatica
    • Fibromyalgia, or fibrositis
    • Parkinson’s disease and more.

    Cautions and Contraindications for Clinical massage?

    Inform the registered massage therapist prior to the treatment if you have any of the following conditions: recent surgeries, skin problems (inflammation, irritations, infections, burns, allergies, etc), any vein issues (varicosities, phlebitis, phlebothrombosis, blood clots), undiagnosed lump, acute lesion, malignancy, any problems with body organs, open wound or sore, cerebrocardiovascular accident (stroke), epileptic seizure (convulsions), respiratory failure, diabetic complications such as gangrene, unstable high blood pressure, hemorrhage, atherosclerosis, etc. We always advise the patients to consult the therapist about their health situation and personal contraindications. In some cases, the therapy is allowed on the unaffected areas of the body. You have to inform the massage therapist about your current health status prior to the treatment.

    How can Clinical massage benefit you?

    Clinical massage is effective in resolving both physical and emotional problems.

    It can help you to:

    • Release the muscle tension and pain
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Breakdown of Scar Tissue
    • Reduce muscle spasms and swelling
    • Increase joints mobility
    • Improve posture
    • Bring the body and mind into balance
    • Boost the immunity and more.

    If you are looking for a Clinical Massage Therapy in Sage Creek Winnipeg, book an appointment online.We would be happy to treat you!

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