Pregnancy Massage

What is pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage is performed both during and after the pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy has gained a lot in popularity in recent years. According to some studies, introducing massage therapy during the pregnancy will reduce stress hormones in your body and loosen your muscles and increase blood flow to keep your lymphatic system working at peak efficiency, which can reduce swelling and flushing out toxins from your body.
One of the most common practices is Swedish massage which is also known as relaxation massage (link). It treats common physical & emotional discomforts caused by hormone changes. Some of the studies show, that balancing of hormones might lead to health benefits of newborn and fewer complications during the labor.
The pregnancy massage is usually performed in side-lying position to avoid applying pressure to the abdomen or creating discomfort. The movements are gentle with light pressure. The utmost attention is paid to the neck, arms, shoulders and feet that usually have a lot of tension.

Cautions and contraindications for pregnancy massage

There are scarce medical researches on pregnancy massage,.However, some therapists recommend against any massage treatments during the 1st trimester. Many doctors will advise avoiding massage therapies if you experience morning sickness, cramping or abdominal pain, have high-risk pregnancy like preterm labor, have blood clots due to abnormal blood circulation.
Please consult your doctor before booking your pregnancy massage appointment.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

The are a number of health benefits obstetric massage can bring. Studies indicated that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce stress levels and anxiety, improving the quality of sleep, relief from muscle cramps, spasms and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs. The most frequently known benefits are improving the circulation, the patients noted the reduction of swelling in joints caused by increased pressure in blood and heavy uterus.

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