Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage

What is Therapeutic Swedish relaxation massage?

Therapeutic Swedish massage is the most famous relaxation massage. Relaxation massage is intended to relax the client from daily stresses of life. Considering that around three quarters of Canadians are experiencing an uncomfortable level of stress, relaxation massage can be the perfect refuge from these stress factors.
This massage focuses on relieving the muscle tension, improving blood circulation and better digestion. This is intended to bring a soothing feeling achieved by long smooth rhythmic gliding strokes on the superficial layer of your body rather than on deeper layers of the tissues. The soothing feeling is further accentuated by creating a relaxing environment using calm music, warm towels, and essential oils. Swedish relaxation massage does not intend to relieve you from chronic pain or underlying issues, which are effectively cured by other services.

When relaxation massage is recommended?

If you would like to give yourself a detoxification from daily stresses, relaxation massage is for you. It helps your body to rejuvenate by getting more oxygen to organs and skin. Relaxation massage helps you better digest food, improve the quality of sleep, sooth minor aches and sprains you may be having.

Cautions and contraindications for relaxation massage

Consult your therapist in advance if you have any skin allergies, have undergone any operations and experienced recent injuries. Inform your therapist if you are pregnant. A good case practice is to consult your general therapist about overall health state and if you have any individual contraindications.

How can relaxation massage benefit you?

Relaxation massage has a goal to provide relief to your body and mind from daily stress and rejuvenate them. This treatment has a proven results in:
stress relief

  • Better digestion
  • Improved sleep
  • Sooth minor aches
  • Improving posture
  • Increasing mobility
  • Decreasing muscle tension

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